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The Worst Stereotypes About All 50 States (part 3)

Updated August 3, 2015
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The Worst Stereotypes About All 50 States (part 3)

There is no escaping stereotypes - every state has them.  They aren't all bad, but they are still overly-generalizations based on shared qualities or behaviors depending on where you live.

Sometimes the stereotypes can get in the way of travelers getting to know the locals.

This is a continuation from the Previous 10 States.

Massachusetts' stereotype:
  They are are self-titled Mass-holes with an accent and they hate the Yankees.

Michigan's stereotype:
  They hate Ohio State with the passion of a thousand burning suns.  They also measure their drive in minutes, not miles.

Minnesota's stereotype:
  They love the music artist known as Prince and the movie Fargo.

Mississippi stereotype: 
Yes, they can read.  And a few of them can even write.


Missouri's stereotype:  They shoot first and ask questions later.  They also love playing deer-hunting video games.  Wearing a ‘good’ baseball cap for church is the norm.

Montana's stereotype:
  They ride horses to school and hunting season is more important to them than Christmas.

Nebraska's stereotype:
  It’s full of call-center workers who love corn and corn-fed steaks and almost everyone there lives on a farm. 

Nevada's stereotype:
  Everyone in this state works in a casino as a cocktail waitress or an Elvis impersonator.  And they all have gambling issues.

New Hampshire's stereotype:
  Residents here are overtly happy, religion-shunning vegetable growers, and they love to discuss taxes.

New Jersey's stereotype:
 Everyone here has a spray tan, the back-combed bouffant, the “Shore,” and they abuse steroids.

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