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The Worst Stereotypes About All 50 States (part 2)

Updated August 3, 2015
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The Worst Stereotypes About All 50 States (part 2)

There is no escaping stereotypes - every state has them.  They aren't all bad, but they are still overly-generalizations based on shared qualities or behaviors depending on where you live.

Sometimes the stereotypes can get in the way of travelers getting to know the locals.

This is a continuation from the Previous 10 States.

Hawaii's stereotype:
  Everyone surfs and the locals hate the mainlanders...with a passion.

Idaho's stereotype:
  Move along, nothing to see here but potato farmers.

Illinois' stereotype:
  Everybody here talks like Mike Ditka and loves 'da Bears.'

Indiana's stereotype:
  The only way people get around here is by tractor.

Iowa's stereotype:
  This state is mostly made up of corn farmers and the only event that happens here is once every four years with the caucus.

Kentucky's stereotype:
  Nothing here but a lot of rowdy, inbred hillbillies, and blue-collar workers who donít wear shoes and live to fish and hunt.

Kansas' stereotype:
  Just people here who live on a farm, are super-religious, and own a gun.  And they've all been in a tornado.

Louisiana's stereotype:
  Everybody here are gumbo-loving partiers who treat every day like Mardi Gras.  They are also into voodoo.

Maine's stereotype:
  They are seafood snobs, they wear mostly plaid, and canít pronounce the letter ďRĒ properly.

Maryland's stereotype:
  Residents here are Ivy-Leaguers obsessed with education and politics.  Actually, that's not so bad.

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