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Ten Commandments Monument Must Come Down

Updated July 1, 2015
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Ten Commandments Must Come Down

A Ten Commandments monument must come down.  That was the decision made by the Oklahoma Supreme Court on Tuesday in a 7-2 ruling.

The statue stands on Oklahoma Capitol grounds, but because it is a religious symbol - it must be removed.  The court ruled that it violates the state's constitutional ban on using public property to benefit a particular religion.

The statue is a 6-foot-tall monument of chiseled granite.  It was privately paid for by a Republican legislator.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court's ruling overturned a decision by a district court judge who ruled the monument could stay.

Some Republican lawmakers are now calling for the impeachment of the justices who ruled it should be taken down.  For their part, the Oklahoma justices claimed the statue only violated the state's constitution, not the United States Constitution.

What do you think about the court's decision?

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