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Mom Furious Over Outrageous Kindergarten Application Question

Updated July 2, 2015
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Mom Furious Over Outrageous Kindergarten Application Question

One mother, Cara Paiuk, decided to speak out over a question on a kindergarten application.  Paiuk was filling out the application for her son's upcoming kindergarten class at Aiken Elementary School in West Hartford.  But then she came across a question that seemed far too personal.  The question is:

"Type of birth:  Vaginal__ Cesarean__."

Paiuk feel's it shouldn't be anyone else's business.  The question appeared in a section about 'birth history'.  It wanted to know whether her her son was delivered vaginally or via C-section.  As Paiuk puts it, "This is kindergarten, and they want to know about my vagina...there’s no correlation between the two for me."

Outrageous Kindergarten Question

The school says the question has been there for 30 years and that this is the first time somebody has complained.  Paiuk says the question may have been more relevant 30 years ago when C-section were more rare, but its not immediately indicative of birth trauma or developmental delay.  Paiuk feels the question is still there because people are just blindly filling out the forms these days.

Is it time for these personal questions to be reevaluated?

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