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Boy Scouts of America Voted to End Ban on Openly Gay Scout Leaders

Updated July 27, 2015
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Boy Scouts of America Vote on Openly Gay Scout Leaders

It's a another win for the gay rights movement.  Faced with litigation, shrinking membership, and higher acceptance of gay rights - The Boy Scouts of America voted on Monday to lift its ban on openly gay troop leaders.  This also includes ending it's ban on gay employees.

The vote came today at the request of the groupís president, former defense secretary Robert Gates.  Gates said that the Boy Scouts of America are facing potential lawsuits by gay adults who were shut out of positions.  Gates also noted that this issue has divided and distracted the organization for far too long.

Still, LGBT advocacy groups have said the change doesn't go far enough because there is still an exemption for troops sponsored by religious organizations.

What are your thoughts?

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